Thursday, August 8, 2013

Herring and McClellan Neglect Abused Veterans

Delegates McClellan and Herring, your silence regarding the multiple and sickening sexual harrassment charges that have been surfacing in the news lately is deafening. The time came long ago to do as you said you would; to stand against sexual harrassment and mistreatment of women everywhere. Does this only count when the people who perpetrate it have an (R) next to their name? 

The NWVAA (National Women's Veteran's Association of America) is supposed to be a safe and healing place for female veterans who have been sexually assaulted during their service. So WHY is it that the Mayor of San Diego, a former U.S. Congressman was using it like CraigsList personals?!

This is headline news, Delegates. There is no way that you have not heard about it, either by the media like the rest of us, or through back channels in the Democratic Party. 

To fill you in, Filner had been using his affiliation with the NWVAA for years to hit on women, harass women, and in more than one case actually force himself on them. Those actions would be unacceptable in and of themselves, but the context puts Mayor Bob Filner down with the lowest of the low. It was not enough, that while these women were serving our country that they were the targets of abuse, and Filner's way of repaying them is more?! 

Jennifer, Charniele, rebuke Weiner, Filner, and sexual harrassment perpetrators. And do it soon. 

To use the suffering of others as a tool for political capital is despicable enough, but then to blatantly disregard the suffering of victims just because they were targeted by Dems is an entirely different ballpark of hypocrisy and each moment that passes is another insult to that integrity that you used to be so fond of speaking on. 

For God's sake, say something

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