Monday, August 12, 2013

This is How Unpopular Voter ID Laws Are

A poll analysis, posted yesterday by the Washington Post has confirmed that "nearly three-quarters of all Americans support the idea that people should have to show photo identification to vote."

This poll lends credence to what House Republicans have been saying on the matter for years, and reflects a heightened concern for the integrity of Virginia's elections. About half of people polled saw voter fraud as a "major problem" and the issue carried a majority of pollers when it was weighed against the risks of "voter suppression".

A majority of those polled discerned that keeping elections fair was the big motivator, as well. Three quarters of seniors, low-income subjects, as well as two thirds of non-whites support the measures.

Maybe Joe Morrissey should bring a ballot box onto the House Floor for his next stunt.

VA GOP Caucus

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