Tuesday, September 3, 2013

House Dems Field Their Little League Team of Candidates

Recently, the Democrat House candidates got their chance to introduce themselves to the Virginia business community. Representatives from several key industries got their chance to see just what kind of a team that the DPVA was fielding this year. The result...was bad news bears.

Revenge of the Nerds
These candidates decided business could take a back seat. They thought these businessmen and businesswomen didn't show up to hear about jobs, business, or economic development. No, these candidates drove home social issues. In an election where the number one issue is jobs and the economy, these Democrat candidates focused on bottom-tier social issues. When put in front of important business leaders and representatives of some of the biggest job creators in the Commonwealth, these candidates drove home environmental regulation, abortion, and schools? 

A Few of the Highlights 
  • Atif Qarni (running for the 13th against Bob Marshall) extolls himself as an excellent football coach, but mentions virtually nothing even resembling policy or position in his written statement. Too bad the Wildcat formation can't get Virginians jobs. 
  • Jerry Foltz's (running in the 40th against Tim Hugo) claim to fame is a Labor Resource Center that even Democrats in his own sought-after district don't like.
  • Elizabeth Miller (vying for Tag Greason's seat in the 32nd) came to a business meeting with ONE thing in mind. Abortion. Top of the priority list, and the first sentence in her bio led with NARAL Pro-Choice.  Nothing like extremely uncomfortable and divisive social dogma to really shore up the business community, huh? 
    • Better yet is her reasoning for running this race, "I am running because a person like me could win and a person like him should lose." It has all the eloquence, evidence, and purpose of a 3rd grade essay on the topic.
  • James Harder (running in the 12th District, against Joseph Yost) had barely a paragraph for these ladies and gentlemen to get to know him by, and I hardly think they care about the fact that his grandmother was a Delegate. Sorry Little Jimmy, there is no legacy policy in legislature. 
  • Michael Abraham (running in the 7th District, against Nick Rush) (listed as running in the wrong district) had more to say about him and his wife staining glass than anything related to business. 
  • Marcus Simon (running in the 53rd, against Brad Tidwell) is the son of a friend of Ralph Nader. That completely irrelevant and unrelated fact is actually the most business-related thing in his entire bio
You had one job, DPVA
Let's look beyond the mis-numbering of your own candidates' districts, the rampant misspellings, grammatical errors, and repeat paragraphs. Let's look at the content. Could no one stop and inform them that they were not pandering to the progressive base? Was there no staffer on hand to clue in these sand-lot candidates? 

While giving these individuals credit for jumping into the political arena; endearing stories aren't going to put Virginians back to work. Some of these candidates aren't even focused on putting humans back to work. Raising a service dog (as is prominently featured in Robert Farinholt's statement) is admirable, but the only job you are creating is for the dog. Farinholt is running against David Yancey in the 94th District.

Why send these partisan candidates to Richmond, if they have made it perfectly clear that their fight is an ideological one?  

Dear Dem Candidates, 

Get real ideas about how to keep Virginia at the top of the business and employment food chain. Otherwise, you might as well hit the showers. 


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