Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jeremy McPike: Following the Rules Gets You Fired

Jeremy McPike is running for the House of Delegates in the 31st District, which covers Prince William and Fauquier Counties.  After a distinguished City Architect tried to expose a developer’s potentially fraudulent invoices- totaling over $2 million- Jeremy McPike fired him…but only after verbally abusing him and threatening his job. 

HUGE SHOCKER: That's wrong; and an Alexandria judge agrees. You cannot just unilaterally dismiss, abuse, and fire someone for trying to expose possible fraud. Especially, when it is you being accused of that fraud. 

Are these the kind of people that Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats want in the General Assembly?  How can you claim to fight for working-class men and women? When a government employee with a sterling reputation comes forward with a concern that affects the taxpayers of a city, he should be listened to, not punished. If his "superior" simply bullies him before firing him, that man is showing a slew of the things wrong with politics today. Jeremy McPike is that man. 

Jeremy, it's going to be pretty hard to convince your potential constituents that they should trust you with their tax money when this is how you respond to a man trying to ensure responsible spending.  There is no reason to trust McPike with a seat in Richmond, when he is already proven to be a shady, opaque dictator in his own department. 

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