Friday, September 27, 2013

Dem Candidate gets DUI, Media Gets Amnesia

A recent article in the Southside Messenger has outed Dem candidate Jasper Hendricks for his late-August charge of driving under the influence in Farmville. Hendricks, who is running against Delegate James Edmunds in the 60th District, was arrested with nearly twice the legal limit.

It isn't a comfortable subject to bring up. Why does the media think that it is so egregiously important to plaster the words GOP, Republican, and other monikers at the top of the page when a Republican legislator lands in hot water(example, example, example), and yet just forget when a Dem breaks the law?

Seemingly, political affiliation was an important enough detail to put in the large print then. Why not now? 

Why does the media love to "inform" their readers on the political affiliations of some legally challenged lawmakers, while electing to leave it out for others? A case of amnesia perhaps? Or just another illustration of left-leaning slant? 

VA GOP Caucus

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