Friday, September 13, 2013

Sex, Lies, and Voter Fraud

Okay, we lied about the sex. But important developments in the Governor's race have just come to light.

Terry McAuliffe's latest scare tactics have hit the Washington Post. Unsurprisingly, even the Post, liberal leaning publication that it is, cannot go along with the blatant misrepresentation of the truth that T-Mack is spewing.

The McAuliffe Campaign's latest claims cite billions of dollars in budget shortfall, in a scenario that is hypothetical to the point of fabricationThe food fight continues here, and the Dem camp has made it clear that they are happier slinging mud than doing such trivial things as running a responsible government, or lightening the load on Virginian taxpayers. That would be too much like Ken Cuccinelli.

So I guess you thought that you could just assume a responsible tax plan to death? I suppose, speaking of taxes, you wouldn't mind releasing the rest of yours to match the Attorney General at ten years? You would think that would be enough embarrassment for one day...


Maybe you wouldn't mind explaining why out of state voters are using the address of your campaign friend, Jeff Barnett

You may remember him from an embarrassing loss in the 10th Congressional against Frank Wolf in 2010. Seems a couple of friends of Jeff's decided that moving across the Potomac to Maryland was more of a detail when it came to helping out Barnett at the polls(didn't seem to work too well; though Terry's speech, afterward, about his friend is touching). Barnett has been close at hand, like any good Dem, for the election. Seems he helped throw Mark Herring a Fundraiser, not too long ago. The shocking amount of investigations into voter fraud grows ever higher, and...

As always, we will keep you updated as this investigation develops. 

VA GOP Caucus


Constitutional.Reset said...

The story of election 2013 is not over yet - and may still offer major surprises.
Dear Honorable Ken Cuccinelli, A.G. & Rightful Governor Elect:

Please consider that there is enough witness to evidence that voting machines have been hacked to make the Board of Elections retabulation of the voting machine totals not worth taking.
More importantly there is conclusive evidence of McAuliffe, Northam and accomplices 18USC1343 felony for the purpose of acquiring votes by artifice via TV & internet. For this last cause the Va. General Assembly has sufficient reason the throw-out the 2013 election results at least for Governor and Lt. Gov. and require a do-over with new Democratic candidates not having a disability to serve.

The use of 13USC1343 felony by candidates also entails Va18.2-111/481(5) felony under the scope of Va1-248.

There are hundreds of potential indictments so the potential obstructions of justice against the laws of man are not sufficient to save McAuliffe from presuming felony to be his right.
God will ultimately have the last word on McAuliffe and Northam's presumptuous conceits.

Sincerely, Russell P. Davis
Publisher of the "Journal of Constitutional Reset from Va" and having 13 known generations of ancestors in Virginia.
Draft application to the federal grand jury for indictments on 18USC1343 Felony Perpetrated in McAuliffe's Ads "Schools" and "Bunch.

Constitutional.Reset said...

Why not C,J & O? 18USC1343 is the conclusively evidenced cause to call for a do-over election. Let time work for us.