Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Would Terry McAuliffe Do For Money, You Ask?

Terry McAuliffe is well-known to do just about anything for the money.

Uncle Si understands the meaning of "slimeball"

Politico reports that Terry met with Emperor of New York, Michael Bloomberg just last week to discuss the Virginia Governor's race. Bloomberg and his superPAC are fresh off of a win in Illinois. Assumedly, Terry went to Bloomberg asking for help; an interesting situation considering Terry may once have had to primary him.

The New York Mayor has put out his threat to a wide variety of proponents and opponents of many a divisive social issue, and no doubt would love to get his hands into changing Virginia to suit his own personal ideals.  He is a Democratic Big Gun (no pun intended) without a doubt, and he could show up here with a big monetary stick, if Terry has found something that he could sell for Bloomberg's support.

 But at what cost to Virginians?

I have a feeling that Terry did not just smoothly skate to any help that he gets from Bloomberg. Remember, it was only a few years ago that he was thinking of running for Governor of New York, rather than Virginia. Fast Terry is up to something.

Virginia does not need Bloomberg Bloated Government, and getting into bed with Mr. Mayor may end up being no joke to Virginia.

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