Thursday, May 22, 2014

BREAKING: 99% of Virginians Support Medicaid Expansion

Makes a nice attention grabber, but you have no particular reason to believe those numbers do you? No.

A ploy for readers is one thing, but in reality Governor McAuliffe really has been searching high and low for someone, anyone, who will tell him what he wants to hear about Medicaid; and what he got was as good as anyone could do, given reality. Murky at best, and a heaping disappointment at heart.

Common Good Virginia PAC(Terry's own) sponsored a poll on Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion that showed 52% support the measure. Shocking. Terry McAuliffe, whose PAC is unashamedly selling access RIGHT NOW, is now trying to buy approval.

But the real story is that number. 52% is a slim margin, and as soon as it leaked, the Administration was stumbling over itself to try to keep the genie in the bottle, to no avail. Michael Martz of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports; full article here.

"But, wait! 52% is a majority!" said the imaginary devil's advocate. Well, fine. But where did that number come from? What makes it pitiful is that the total is probably very massaged. A convenient, Democrat-leaning sample, left-leading question formation, and and the obvious implication that the PAC paying for the poll wanted to hear what they wanted to hear are all factors. For all that, 2%? The memo referenced in the article didn't even call it a majority.

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins: “If I was going to buy a poll to back my position on a public policy issue, I’d at least pay for 60 percent of people to agree with me.” 

You will notice that last month's CNU poll showing 53% of Virginians oppose expansion. While controversial, it was at least independent. Democrats backflipped in anger over that one, regardless. So, I will be interested to see who cherry picks this new number for their talking points and conveniently "forgets" to mention the context in which it was bought.

VA GOP Caucus

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