Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jonesing for Some Cash

The major deal, that has the potential to lift DPVA out of crushing debt(who'd've thunk it?), could also be put in textbooks nationwide as a per se example of conflict of interest. Further down the dirty road, the money to buy DPVA HQ will be coming directly from the taxpayers.

"Why," the aforementioned taxpayer may ask, "is this situation so unexplainably intertwined?"

The Mayor/DPVA Chairman has been refusing interviews about any involvement in Richmond buying DPVA headquarters, even though there is a supposed "firewall" between he and the negotiations. Why so reticent?

Because Mayor/Chairman Jones is a person, not a computer virus. There really is no way to fully separate him from this. Jones LEADS both of the participants in this deal. He is the man on the line when it comes to the financial health (or lack thereof) of his party, and the fiscal responsibility of his city; and whether he is in the meeting room or not, the results will tend toward the same.  

Wouldn't you just want to bet that the bid to buy DPVA HQ will beat the median offer, and take a speedy trip through their hands to put a dent in that (again) CRUSHING debt. 600k is not a petty, ignorable amount, and they likely see this as a way to make it disappear overnight. How very convenient....

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