Wednesday, October 4, 2017

VT and Radford Students, Do You Know Tom Steyer? Cuz He Knows You

In today's Roanoke Times, Carmen Forman details how NextGen, a California-based liberal PAC (admittedly, legally) extorted the identities of thousands so that they can continue their annual season of spamming your cellphone. 

You may remember PAC Chairman Tom Steyer from his previous and extensive meddlings in VA politics, as is his tradition in election years that could benefit him. 

Even knowing who that is, it's hard to reconcile that a blatantly, and vitriolically, political special interest group can simply send a letter and receive tens of thousands of involuntarily volunteered cell phone numbers, then funnel it to political campaigns being run by twenty-somethings who will, in all likelihood, be in a different state campaigning next year. 

At the very best, this is an overt intrusion on Virginians' privacy, but at its worst, it could open them up to identity theft. It can happen to anyone, but it's becoming more and more in vogue to hack political organizations these days.

Ask the DNC...

Has anyone asked Mr. Steyer how he plans to protect their data, now that he has it without their consent? Have they asked Chris Hurst, now that we know that he has the data as well? 

VA GOP Caucus

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