Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let's All Hope He Isn't Named Secretary of Transportation!!!!!

Today Delegate Bill Janis sent out a press release explaining all the reasons Governor Kaine is more interested in a Vice Presidential nomination or a Cabinet position than solving Virginia's transportation problems...

For Immediate Release Contact: Delegate Bill Janis
All Media Phone: 804-698-1156
June 11, 2008

“Governor Kaine is Sacrificing Virginia
on the Alter of Vice Presidential Ambition”

Today, in a detailed memorandum, Delegate Bill Janis exposed Governor Tim Kaine for putting his personal ambition to be Vice President ahead of the interests of the Commonwealth.

Delegate Janis noted two important, and recent, statements by the Governor which demonstrate that Kaine is less interested in solving transportation problems than he is in scoring partisan political points and promoting his apparent ambition to be on the Democrat national ticket this Fall:

Governor Kaine in the Washington Post, explaining why he didn’t really care whether his transportation plan passed, said:

“It will be very productive to either try to find a solution or make it plain to people who are standing in the way.” And “We are going to make something happen or let the public see who is obstructing, and frankly that is one of the reasons why Democrats have won elections in Virginia.”

Shortly after admitting that he cares more about political posturing than problem solving on transportation, Kaine changed his tune concerning speculation he might be Barack Obama’s running mate. After several months of politely denying his interest, last week Kaine told the Richmond Times Dispatch:

“I don’t say no to the President. I think he’s (Obama) going to be President. I think it would be hard to say no...”

Reacting to the Governor’s newfound candor on his VP ambitions, Bill Janis said;

“You can tell where a man’s heart is by where he devotes his time and his treasure. Tim Kaine has been devoting his time, attention and treasure to running for Vice President, not to solving Virginia’s problems.”

“He has spent over 19 days jetting around the country with Barack Obama, but only fifteen hours over 10 days promoting his transportation plan.”

“He has not lined up any Democrat or Republican support for his plan. But he has nevertheless summoned a second special session of the Assembly to be held during the time Vice Presidential candidates are being vetted.”

“That’s exactly why, despite the absence of any Democrat consensus or support for his proposals, Tim Kaine must have the Assembly in session, in Richmond, in June, precisely when Barack Obama will be vetting potential VP candidates, and making his final decision on a running mate. The special session will provide Kaine the perfect platform to keep his name on the pages of the Washington Post, showcasing his ambition by battling the Republicans in a ‘swing state’ legislature.”

“Unfortunately, while this may be a political ‘win-win’ for Tim Kaine, it is a “lose-lose’ for Virginia taxpayers who will pick up the tab for Kaine’s ambition. If the Governor’s plan fails, we still pay for a special session devoted to pointless, partisan, political posturing. If the Governor’s plan passes, we all pay the price in higher taxes that will kill jobs, undermine housing and new car sales, and further weaken the economy.”


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Anonymous said...

This also raises another question about the Warner-Kaine administration:

Mark Warner's recent tv ads say that he solved the so-called structural imbalance (in the state budget) when he raised taxes in 2004. If true then why has Tim 'jetson' Kaine call a special session to solve the... 'budget gap' in transportation funding? Didn't Mark Warner fix that in 2004??