Thursday, June 19, 2008

Senate Dems REFUSE to Support Kaine!

Governor Kaine had a press conference today which proved once again that he has little to no support for his Transportation Plan. House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong is currently the only patron on this bill and only 10 Democratic legislators even bothered to show up!

Every SINGLE SENATE DEMOCRAT refused to introduce Kaine's bill!!!!

Below is another point you all might find very interesting...

This is a link to a poll that shows Governor Kaine's current approval rating is now at 46% with a disapproval rating of 30%. These numbers mean that since Kaine began his Town Hall meetings six weeks ago to tout his Transportation Plan which pushes for a drastic increase in statewide taxes ... his job approval rating has PLUMMETED 15 POINTS. Not only does he have an approval rating to worry about as he attempts to receive a VP nod from Obama but he also must find a way to respond to the UNDERwhelming support he has received from his Senate colleagues.

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James Young said...

Now he knows how Governor Gilmore felt