Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kaine Ditches Virginia for his True Love?!

As much of the media is making clear, it seems there’s a good chance that Obama will choose VA Gov. Tim Kaine as his running mate. The national media are under the impression that Kaine is popular in our state and would help Obama in Virginia. We in Virginia know better.

On July 29, The Washington Post stated “Kaine remains popular in Virginia, but he has had trouble dealing with Republicans”. Let’s break this down. Gov. Kaine’s approval rating has been hovering below fifty percent, so I don’t think “popular” is the right word. And while Kaine may have trouble dealing with Republicans, he hasn’t had much more luck with his own party. Let’s not forget that Kaine’s transportation bill failed to win even one vote (Republican or Democrat) in the House of Delegates and it was so bad that not one Democratic Senator would even introduce it in the Senate.

The out-of-state media may claim to know our governor, but Virginians know the real Tim Kaine.


Riley said...

Not Gov. Kaine --- Gov. Timmy!

Anonymous said...

Timmy will not carry VA. The dems bench is weak.