Monday, July 7, 2008

AFP Rips Dems for Wanting Gas Tax Increase

As the transportation debate continues to escalate in Richmond and many different funding options are being debated ... Americans for Prosperity (AFP) have a new radio ad running in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, Richmond, Southside, and other targeted areas of Virginia.

The ad goes after the General Assembly Democrats for wanting to raise gas taxes when are already at crippling, record high levels and the economy is very uncertain. The 60-second script and audio link are below.

SPEAKER 1: Kids calm down while I pump the gas.

SPEAKER 2: Driving the kids around must keep you busy.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah this is my second fill up this week and these gas prices are killing our family budget.

SPEAKER 2: Four dollar fifty cent gas hurts our family. Our gas budget was fifty dollars a week.

Now its nearly a hundred twenty five dollars for one car.

SPEAKER 1: And politicians in Richmond are making it worse!

SPEAKER 1: The Democrats in the state senate on a straight party line vote voted to increase the gas tax over thirty-three percent.

SPEAKER 2: The Virginia Democrats in the senate voted to raise gas taxes now? What are they thinking?

SPEAKER 1: Yeah. And Governor Tim Kaine wants higher taxes too. And now the democrats in the senate are really sticking it to consumers with an over thirty-three percent gas tax hike.

SPEAKER 2: You know. Consumers need to tell governor Kaine and the democrat leadership that their gas tax increase agenda will really hurt working families.

SPEAKER 1: And kill jobs.

Narrator: Angered by State Senate Democrats and Tim Kaine’s high tax agenda?

Call Governor Kaine at (804) 786-2211. Tell him to stop trying to raise taxes on working families. Paid for and authorized by Americans for Prosperity. On the web at

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