Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kaine and Democrat False claims
about House Republicans

On Thursday, July 10, Governor Kaine is holding a media availability where it is expected he will make many spurious charges about House Republicans and their “obstructionist” ways. As he makes these claims, everyone should keep in mind these many fallacies listed below that were claimed by the Governor's office and other Democratic Leaders regarding this Special Transportation Session.

CLAIM: The Governor originally said that he would not call a Special Session until there was a consensus on a transportation plan that would pass.

TRUTH: The Governor reversed himself and called a Special Session with no consensus. In fact, he failed to get agreement among even Democrat legislators .... let alone a single colleague on the other side of the aisle.

CLAIM: When he called the Special Session, the Governor and General Assembly Democrats claimed that House Republicans simply would send the Governor’s bill to House Finance, where it would not get a fair hearing.

TRUTH: House Republicans sent it to House Rules, where it got a full, fair and lengthy hearing. And, the patron, when asked if he wanted to amend it in committee, said he did not.

CLAIM: They claimed that House Republicans would not allow them to amend or debate their bills.

TRUTH: House Republicans allowed Democrats to offer amendments on every bill throughout the entire Session. And, on SB 6009, not only were they allowed to amend it, but every Republican voted with their sole amendment to the bill (removing gas tax hike).

CLAIM: The Governor claimed that House Republicans would bottle up in committee and not put his bill on the House Floor because they were afraid it would pass.

TRUTH: Not only did House Republican put his bill on the House Floor, but it was the Democrats who refused to give the bill a full and fair hearing by refusing to waive readings. And, when the Governor’s bill was offered as an Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute, every Democrat voted as a block to kill the Governor’s bill to avoid revealing the proposal’s meager support.

CLAIM: The Governor said that he planned on having discussions with Republican leaders during the 12-day recess around the 4th of July.

Neither the Governor nor any representative of his Administration contacted any member of the House Republican Leadership to suggest or schedule a meeting to discuss transportation.

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