Thursday, July 10, 2008

Transportation Session Wrap-Up


It all began a few weeks ago when Governor Kaine notified the General Assembly and the citizens of Virginia that he would be calling a Special Session to address the crisis that is our transportation system. Days later Governor Kaine unveils his plan to the media and does numerous town hall meetings around the Commonwealth touting this plan and searching for backing.

Flash Forward to the Special Session ... not only was Kaine unable to find support for his bill but he couldn't even find a SINGLE Senator to introduce his bill in the Senate. Seems hard to believe but the Governor had managed to make it all the way to the Special Session without a consensus from his OWN party. He even had fellow Democrats so ashamed of his bill that they would not even sign their name to it.

All in all the House Republicans did everything they could to get something done in Richmond. The House advanced several transportation funding ideas and even passed a funding mechanism that relied on existing revenues (I.E. NO NEW TAXES) to combat the problem. They put the Governor's bill on the floor TWO TIMES for a vote and not one single member of the House Democratic Caucus would even cast a vote in favor of it. The only thing the Democrats could muster support for was a MASSIVE TAX INCREASE... their bill even contained taxes that THEY did not even know existed. The bill was so over the top that several members of their own caucus dissented and voted NO.

So last night at 1:40am when both the Democratic controlled Senate and Republican controlled House adjourned "sine die" from the Governor's Special Session on Transportation it was clearly evident that the whole thing was a complete debacle and a huge waste of taxpayers money!!

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