Saturday, November 1, 2008

George Soros Tries To Steal Virgil Goode's Congressional Seat

This is Tom Perriello's own Financial Disclosure Statement as a candidate for Congress.

For the past two years, 2006 and 2007, (with the exception of about $7,625 he received for teaching a course at UVA Law and a consulting fee), Perriello's entire earned income has come EXCLUSIVELY from 7 non-profit organizations with seemingly harmless names such as the "Avaaz Foundation," "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good," "Res Publica," "," and the "Global Education Action Fund." That's a total of $108,782 in 2006 and $84,125 in 2007.

Tom Perriello is the Co-Founder of these so-called "non-profit" groups, which were all bankrolled by George Soros through his Open Society Institute. According to his own Campaign Financial Disclosure Statement attached (and in his own hand) Tom Perriello has no other visible means of support than salaries he draws from so-called non-profits he founded, which are funded directly by George Soros. George Soros is not simply a significant campaign contributor, he is Tom Perriello's EMPLOYER. What are these groups?

The euphemistically-named "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) is an organization that, if you check out their website, appears dedicated exclusively to misleading Catholic voters about what their Church actually teaches, and convince them that, contrary to the consistent and plain teaching of the Pope and the Catholic Bishops, it is morally permissible to vote for pro-abortion candidates like, say, Tom Periello. CACG bankrolled by the Open Society Institute (OSI) for $50K in 2005 and $100K in 2006. This is not surprising, George Soros' support and funding for abortion providers, RU-486 and pro-abortion advocacy groups is well-documented. CACG is simply a pro-abortion advocacy front group masquerading as a Catholic group. You can confirm it at the following sites:

OSI is George Soros' primary vehicle for distributing foundation grants. OSI gave Res Publica, another group Perriello co-founded, a $150,000 grant to start
Res Publica in turn gave $225,000 to in 2006. aims to be an international version of Soros', and is supported by the Service Employees
International Union and, itself. is heavily funded by Soros, receiving millions of dollars.

Eli Pariser, the Executive Director of, donated to Perriello ($250 on 1/9/08). Pariser also serves on Res Publica's Advisory Board with John Podesta. You will no doubt recognize Podesta as Bill Clinton's former Chief-of-Staff. John Podesta heads CAP, and donated $500 to Perriello for Congress on 3/24/08. CAP has received millions in funding from George Soros and aims to be the lextreme left wing counterpart to the Heritage Foundation.

Tom Perriello co-founded Faithful America, which raised money to run ads on Al Jazeera, apologizing to the Arab street on behalf of Americans. Faithful America was rolled into Faith in Public Life, which is sponsored by the Center for American Progress (CAP). CAP hosted a 'religious left' conference in 2004 with Res Publica.

Finally, George Soros and his family have personally donated to the congressional campaign of Tom Perriello. They organized a campaign fundraiser for Perriello in New York City, in which George, Jennifer, Jonathan, Andrea, and Robert Allen Soros each gave Tom Perriello $1,000.

Soros works just like ACORN. He creates or funds multiple groups who Hydra-like, work in conjuction for a common goal. This allows him to hide the overall scope and magnitude of his efforts from ready scrutiny. If one group is exposed, they can simply move funds to another.

Just in case you don't know who George Soros is, I've attached a document entitled Meet George Soros that provides other sources and citations. He has the strategy of funding multiple groups that are organized as non-profits with seemingly harmless and disarmingly misleading names that are dedicated to his agenda of decriminalizing illegal narcotics, restoring voting rights to felons, promoting assisted suicide, removing all legal restrictions on abortion and funding abortion providers, eliminating all private ownership of firearms, undermining U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, and eroding U.S. sovereignty in order to achieve the above goals. And he apparently owns Tom Perriello "lock, stock and barrel." The question is, is George Soros so rich that he can buy a Congressional Seat? He has already bought a Congressional candidate, Tom Perriello.


Anonymous said...

The author of this opinion piece clearly mischaracterizes and slanders the values of both Tom Perriello and George Soros.

Perriello is a well-educated advocate who has traveled and worked extensively in the pursuit of transitional justice in war-torn areas. (Goode’s skewed foreign policy outlook and limited experience is provincial and xenophobic in comparison.) Perriello’s views on foreign policy are wholly constructive and conciliatory. His changes will vigilantly maintain (and even repair) United States sovereignty and national security initiatives. Domestically, he offers progressive leadership in reforming the economic quagmire, minimizing the corruption of special-interest lobbyists (the ones which Goode has become bedfellows with in his 12 years in Congress), and returning sanity to tax policies which will help business and job growth, while ushering in fiscal accountability. (Irresponsible Republican control and deregulatory zeal has been at the heart of this current economic downturn and deficit.)

George Soros is an international financial guru who is on par with Alan Greenspan and Warren Buffet. He has been able to presciently decide market fluctuations and invest as to capitalize upon both highs and lows.
Any billionaire engaged in progressing society will have multiple nonprofits benefiting from his philanthropic generosity. Soros has championed human rights, democratic nation-building in Eastern Europe, and the establishment of educational opportunities. To malign his vision and charity is a pure act of ignorance.

Lastly, the VA GOP Caucus has much to learn about what the pro-choice position entails and is despicable for attempting to undermine this position. It is a woman’s fundamental constitutional right to privacy and federally sanctioned law.

Anonymous said...

wow mr anonomous, you sound intelligent. I'm impressed. Who wouldn't want transitional justice?? And Periello is so unable to earn a living that he is totally funded by the benevolent billionaire, for the benefit of reforming the economic quagmire, and expanding the corruption of progressive lobbiests. Methinks Puerillo, is another name for surfer boy or is that serf or boy.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see someone else writing something about these radical far left groups Perriello started and maintains with Soros' deep pockets. I wrote an extensive post after hours of research about this on the old Commonwealth Conversations forum. Unfortunately, I didn't save it, not knowing the site would go down. Soros is just the tip of the iceberg in Perriellos antisemitic, anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist, pro-Marxist billionaire boys club.
This network has endless resources and it was powerful enough to install their plants in districts all over the country.

Discover the Networks has an indepth area about these "faith" groups:

"In the religious Left's ideal, the Marxist State serves as a substitute for Christ, offering a theory of sin (private property) and salvation (collective ownership), a church that dispenses grace (the State, as administered by the vanguard of the proletariat), and a litany of saints and sinners. And the eagerly anticipated Marxist "revolution" takes the form of redistribution; the focus is on popular control of industry and welfare measures rather than on wholesale looting."