Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama Pledges to Bankrupt VA's Coal Industry

Barack Obama, in a January interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, said of America's coal industry that ....

"So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted."

Of course ... when this interview was published the SF Chronicle conveniently forgot to publish this part. Check out the video below.....


Anonymous said...

I don't imagine this hits a nerve with folks outside the coalfields region of SW Virginia (although it should) but I can tell you as a resident of the coalfields this spells major trouble for us and our economy which is essentially based entirely on mining and transporting coal. Something such as this would devastate our end of the state and the state would suffer as well from higher unemployment, higher unemployment benefit payouts and lower tax collections from wages and severance taxes.

Obama and Biden have both been to our end of the state at least three times, maybe four. At each and every appearance, often with the United Mine Workers of America president Cecil Roberts at their side, they have told us how much they care for us, this area and the much needed mineral we are so good at producing. Biden went so far as to woo us by telling of the coal mining heritage in his own family. BS! Obviously they are ALL a bunch of liars. The whore who lives across town from me has more morals and principles than all these shysters combined.

-Joe The Coal Miner

Anonymous said...

I live in CA but from what I've learned about coal miners (from the TV coverage of mining tragedy) is that these are some of the HARDEST working folks in the world. I cannot believe a presidential candidate would say something so cold, careless and condesending. I care for everyone. You have a few friends in CA. I wish we can vote in VA.

Ted said...


King Coal said...

ALL Virginians should look at the big picture.

Every day dozens of mile long trains loaded with coal leave here headed for ports in the Tidewater region. How many people in Tidewater depend directly or indirectly on the coal we mine and ship there? No doubt there are many jobs in Tidewater that are there only because of the coal mining industry in SW Virginia. Who would have ever thought that, before today? And what about the impact on those ports, those who own them and those who benefit from them, when the coal gets shut off?

This also impacts millions of Virginians who depend on electricity generated by the use of coal, VIRGINIA coal. Where will the energy come from for those in NOVA to be able to heat and cool their mansions, keep the lights on and that big screen HDTV, spa and swimming pool running?

And lets not forget the huge amounts of taxes that the coal industry generates for localities and the state itself. It's far from a paltry sum I assure you.

Our coal industry in the SW may not be THE economic engine that runs this state but it is a big cog in the wheel and we all know what happens to that wheel when one of the cogs breaks.

Obama IS NOT good for Virginia.