Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're Tightening Our Belts!

As you may have read in The Washington Post today, the Virginia GOP Caucus has decided to tighten our belts to address the multi-billion dollar deficit that the Commonwealth is facing. We realize that we need to cut our own expenses to avoid passing an additional tax to you, the taxpayers. We have trimmed expenses, such as limiting our travel to conferences, canceling trainings, and accept our current annual salary of $17,640.

Speaker Howell said to reporters today, "Right now, Virginia's families and business are making necessary and sometimes difficult adjustments to deal with the effects of the current economic climate. The people they elect to represent them have the same responsibility. We will meet this challenge."

Additionally, we have listened to many concerns about the rules and record votes in subcommittee hearings. We have decided to open these votes to allow more government transparency.

The Republican party stands for true change that you can count on!

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Anonymous said...

"The Republican party stands for true change that you can count on!"

Ha! Except the last two years, when you didn't and killed bills to do just that. What's changed guys? Was it any less in the public interest two years ago?