Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Did Dave Marsden Vote No on HB 6055?

This is the first of a two part series focusing on two Northern Virginia delegates who either voted "no" or was absent during HB 6055. Here is some background on HB 6055: Basically, it repealed the regional tax authorities (which were ruled unconstitutional by the Virginia Supreme Court). Source

Voting "No" on HB 6055 was Delegate David Marsden from Fairfax. Marsden voted no. Why you ask? Well, Marsden would rather hike your taxes by voting for Governor Tim Kaine's proposed plan during the special session, which was held in June. The residents of Northern Virginia and the Hampton Roads region need solutions to the traffic gridlock they are currently experiencing, not increased taxes. It seems that Marsden would rather vote for higher taxes, than addressing the transportation problems with common sense solutions.

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