Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where in the World Was Chuck Caputo?

When HB 6055 was being voted on, residents in the 67th House District should ask where was Delegate Chuck Caputo. Caputo decided that taking a vacation (or going to a conference) was more important than voting on an issue that affects his constituents every day. Transportation is the number one issue affecting residents in the 67th district, as they have to fight traffic on Route 28, 50, and 66. Gridlock is insane with commutes lasting anywhere between 15-60 minutes daily.

It appears that Caputo was not concerned with how to address this critical issue. Caputo would rather sit on the beach, sipping a nice ice cold drink, while his constituents are stuck in the heat of traffic that awaits them every day. The 67th district deserves better and so does Northern Virginia.

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Anonymous said...

I heard he was on a long-planned 70th birthday with his kids. Apparently they planned it months in advance with non-refundable tickets. If the House hadn't gone into unpredictable extra meeting days, he would have been there.