Monday, January 5, 2009

Governor Kaine Reminisces about his times with Obama

During the 2008 campaign season, Governor Tim Kaine was frequently absent from his duties serving the Commonwealth of Virginia traveling all over the country to help his B.F.F. Barack Obama with his election. Ironically, on Christmas Eve, I was surprised to have a link to a Richmond Times-Dispatch online article in my inbox only to view a video about Kaine reminiscing about his times on the campaign trail and about how proud he was to have helped his good friend win election for change. It was enough to make me sick.

Although, he did not spend Virginia taxpayer dollars to jet-set around the country trying to shore up votes for Obama. He ignored the budget epidemic that Virginia was facing. In fact, Kaine was more concerned about the potential benefit to Virginia with Obama in charge.

Kaine's recent budget proposals will only address the surface of the problem that will no doubt result in higher taxes for Virginians, and you can guarantee that the Democrats in the General Assembly are gearing up for tax hikes left and right. Rest assured, we offer more common sense solutions when it comes to dealing with the current budget crisis.

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