Friday, February 18, 2011

The Last Thing Virginia Needs ....

Delegate Ben Cline gives a speech about how foolish it is for the Democrats to have a fundraiser that is headlined by Maryland Governor O'Malley discussing fiscal policies.  The last thing we need is for any legislator (republican or democrat) to be lectured by Governor O'Malley on his "recipes for economic success."

Take a listen below...

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J. Tyler Ballance said...

Why is Mr. Cline wasting Assembly time with this sort of crap?

Besides, does he not recall who ran-up that debt before Martin O'Malley was elected?

Republican Governor, Bob Erlich and his figure head, "token negro" Lieutenant Governor, Michael Steele.

I lived in Baltimore back when Mr. O'Malley became Mayor of Baltimore. He worked in concert with Bob Erlich (who was a local Congressman in those days, who later became Maryland's Governor).

Both O'Malley and Erlich did a pretty good job in their respective positions, and both set a good example of civil discourse with their opposing party members; an example that Mr. Cline could benefit from by following.

I would enjoy hearing from Mr. O'Malley or Mr. Erlich, but in the case of the JJ Dinner, I just wasn't willing to fork-over the $160 to hear another partisan speech, regardless of from whom it came.