Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Knew??

It came to my attention that last Thursday must have marked THE END of traffic woes in portions of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads .... are you as surprised to hear this as I am?

This must be the case because when the Governor's Transportation Bill, carried by Senator Wampler, (SB 1446) came over from the Senate on a WIDELY bipartisan vote ... 11 Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads Democrats voted AGAINST a bill that will jump start nearly 900 transportation projects throughout the state with lower costs and quicker completion times. This bill will accelerate previously approved transportation bonds and deposits funds into a transportation infrastructure bank. By accelerating the bonds, we will be able to take advantage of near record low interest rates and low construction costs.

The 11 Democrats are Delegates Bob Brink, David Bulova, David Englin, Eileen Filler-Corn, Mark Keam, Kaye Kory, Paula Miller, Ken Plum, Jim Scott, Scott Surovell, and Vivian Watts.

The transportation issue has stymied Virginia's legislature for nearly 20 years. Now, with a bipartisan and broadly supported bill before the House ... these 11 Democrats voted to block this vital proposal...

With NO votes on this bill ... I guess it is clear that parts of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads DO NOT have a transportation problem at all...

Keep these folks in mind when you're stuck in traffic this evening and more importantly ... in November.

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