Friday, September 12, 2014

First Do No Harm

-President Barack Obama, 2010
Winner-Politifact "Lie of the Year", 2013

Now a quarter of a million Virginians will soon be informed that they will not. This report from Charlottesville NBC29 yesterday on a recent meeting of the Virginia Health Insurance Reform Board details why. 

Per NBC: 
"Some employers and individuals have already received notices saying their plans will end. Those yet to receive the notification letters will be offered the most similar alternative for a plan or they can shop around inside or outside the federal exchange."
"The most similar." What a soft, doublespeaking way of breaking it that rates are going up. 

Who will feel the hit? Why, the original targets of Obamacare, of course. The young, the middle class, and the elderly can all expect rate hikes, and not the insignificant 2-5% that was already forecast. We are going to be talking high double digits, and more in some cases. 

Obamacare is doing the opposite of making healthcare affordable. 
The reason that the government wants these plans gone is that they are not comprehensive enough for Obamacare's cookie-cutter vision of what you need. With added coverage must come added premiums to offset the risk to the insurance companies. With higher premiums come higher deductibles, some in the thousands of dollars. Those costs will deter even more people without disposable income from seeking medical assistance. 

VA GOP Caucus

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