Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No ROI for Big McAuliffe Donors

Gov. McAuliffe's endorsement of the 550-mile Atlantic Coast natural gas pipeline has drawn 'Hosana's' from many unfamiliar places, but has he overplayed his hand just a little bit? Is he just keeping his finger on the pulse? This initiative will bring jobs where they are desperately needed, and garner him some rapport with the mostly red legislature. But...

Guess which state based environmental group constitutes McAuliffe's 3rd highest donation totals since 2012? They have put down over one and a half million dollars to get this man elected.

Gosh, I sure hope he doesn't anger any influential one-issue billionaires who also took a huge seven figure stake in his win....

But to be sure, at least some have been able to get on Terry's team. 

Let's hear statements about the Atlantic Coast pipeline:

Delegate Mark Sickles[Former Minority Caucus Chairman] 
“Good family-wage construction jobs in the short term will lead to lower heating bills, a reduced carbon footprint and permanent manufacturing jobs in the long term...Congratulations to all who worked so hard to win against four competing alternatives and good luck...[making] the underground natural gas pipeline a reality.”
(didn't see that one coming, but happy you've come around sir)

Tom Steyer (per WaPo, NextGen PAC could not be reached for comment) 

Per RPV Chairman Pat Mullins: 
"Given the Governor's new-found interest in working with the energy sector, I'm forced to wonder if the environmental movement has a home in the Virginia Democrat party any more."

He may have a point. This surely constitutes a huge fly in the organic vegan ointment, so to speak. 

VA GOP Caucus

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