Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Foust Continues to Fumble

Never, I repeat NEVER, get yourself embroiled in conflict-of-interest; much less ADVERTISE IT!

Honestly, folks, if you haven't heard by now, John Foust, a sitting Fairfax County Supervisor (and a tax raising one at that) used the Government Center as the setting for a campaign ad. I would link it, but I don't want to put up anything questionably illegal.

Are the people in the background employees of the county? Did they get a choice whether or not to be in it? If they did, would they feel uncomfortable saying "no" while being charged by a sitting Supervisor and a film crew? The list of questions goes on. But why? 

Political use of government resources is such a widely agreed-upon issue that the General Assembly passed a law requiring localities to address it.

All that post-production time and NOBODY on the Foust team gets the bright idea...
"Waaaaiiiit a minute. Shouldn't campaigns and sitting government be separated?" 

Though it does raise an interesting point. How can governing as a job be the centerpiece of Foust's ad, yet, somehow Barbara Comstock, a sitting state delegate, has "never had a real job"?

Come on, John. 

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