Friday, October 8, 2010

The Cap and Trade Crackup

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal outlines how Democrat Rick Boucher's vote in support of  cap and trade has made his race an uphill battle, and his seat a toss-up. A seat he has held safely for nearly 30 years.

Boucher hails from SW Virginia...coal-country. The cap and trade bill is designed to crush certain industries, namely the coal industry. Voters have realized this, and are angered over the issue. Boucher believed his seat was safe enough that he would be able to support cap and trade, and in doing so he could pull other reluctant Democrats to join him in support. This support earned him a shout out from the White House as well.

However, what Boucher did not anticipate was a heated race with House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith. Griffith has made sure that voters are aware of Boucher's decision to support cap and trade. In doing so he has made this race extremely competitive. In a desperate attempt to keep supporters Boucher voted against ObamaCare, has recently supported the Bush Tax cuts, and has tried to make excuses for his support of cap and trade.

With only a month left until Election Day, this race appears to be as close as any race in the nation. Griffith will not back down, and is poised to take away a pivotal Democratic seat.

To read the entire article, please follow this link.

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