Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Morgan Griffith Takes Over Lead in 9th Congressional District

Our own House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith has never stopped fighting to win his election, and for all his fight he has recently taken the lead over 15-Term incumbent Rick Boucher. The survey, done by SurveyUSA, shows Griffith at 47% to Boucher’s 46%. It’s a very tight race, but this poll shows the growing trend that voters are leaning Republican come Election Day.

Among voters who told the survey that they are uniquely interested in voting this year, Griffith leads at an almost 2:1 margin. The relative sizes of these groups will determine the winner, but this data provides great optimism and motivation for the last week of campaigning.

How is it that a 15-Term Representative cannot seem to win this fight? Clearly Boucher was not ready for the determination and tenacity that Griffith brought to this race. Griffith wants this seat more, and has shown this throughout his campaign. He cares about the constituents of the 9th Congressional District, and wants to serve them better than Boucher ever did. Griffith would keep in mind the better interests of his constituents when voting. Unlike Boucher who in the past voted to support cap and trade, which would negatively impact the coal industry that is so vital to SW Virginia.

SurveyUSA goes on to say that...
"Compared to four previous tracking polls, Independents have broken sharply Republican in the campaign's final week. The number of Republicans crossing over to vote for Boucher has steadily decreased, from 26% in July to 18% today. The number of higher-income voters voting for Griffith has steadily increased, from 43% in July to 49% today. Also, Boucher's lead among women has evaporated from a once 23-point advantage".
The GOP is poised for victories across the state, and the nation. This survey goes to show that Republicans are well on their way to leading this country again, and getting it back on the right track. For more information on the poll, please click this link.

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