Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goodbye Dickie

Virginia Democratic Party Chairman Dickie Cranwell is resigning this coming December.

I wonder what made him make this decision. There are countless reasons why, but maybe it was because...

1) Democrats have become increasingly apathetic towards the coming elections in November.

2) Republicans Morgan Griffith, Robert Hurt, Scott Rigel, and Keith Fimian will all be winning their respective Congressional races in just a few short weeks.

3) Earlier this year Del. Roxann Robinson and Del. Tony Wilt easily defeated their Democratic counterparts in their Special Elections.

4) In the 2009 elections, the Republicans swept the ticket by electing Governor Bob McDonnell, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

5) In those same elections all but one Republican incumbent seeking re-election won. The Republican majority also increased by 6 seats, and welcomed 12 new Caucus members, bringing the total to 61 members.

The Democratic Party does not have much to look forward to either, as Brian Moran is likely to fill Cranwell's seat. If one recalls, Moran came in third place in the Democratic nomination for Governor. Looks like the Democratic Party is slowly falling apart, while the GOP is steadily gaining ground throughout the state.

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J. Tyler Ballance said...


You could have shown a little class and congratulated Mr. Cranwell for his service both to Virginia and our Democratic Party, in the same way that he congratulated Jeff Frederick, when Jeff relinquished the RPVA chairmanship.

Here in Virginia we have a longstanding tradition of keeping our politics on a civil level. In spite of a few recent examples of untoward behavior, we Virginians have generally been able to let the merits of each campaign be heard without resorting to rancor.

We have a very lousy economy right now and there is plenty of blame to go around. With citizens voting their pocketbooks like they typically do, the Democrats are sure to lose some seats, though it will probably not be as bad as some have forecast.

The only thing that is certain is that this tide shall also turn.

The most important thing for Virginians to keep in mind, is to seek the best quality representation possible, without regard to party label. Elect good Virginians who will really represent our citizens, and not sell us out to unions, or to the multinational corporations.

If I were to select our Congressional delegation without regard to party, here's who I would select:

1. Robb Wittman
2. Glenn Nye
3. Bobby Scott
4. Randy Forbes
5. Tom Perriello
6. Bob Goodlatte
7. (Me)*
8. Pat Murray
9. Rich Boucher
10. Jeff Barnett
11. Keith Fimian

* Cantor is corporate-owned, but the other candidates in the Seventh are so weak, I will just write-in my name.

I hope that regardless of your party affiliation, that the readers will all volunteer to work at the polls, and be sure to get out and vote on November 2nd.