Friday, October 29, 2010

Tim Kaine Says Democrats are "Nuts"

Former Virginia Governor, and current Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine, recently said that Democratic candidates who are ignoring their party and policies are “nuts”.

"I do think Democrats thinking that they can, you know, hold the Democratic label at arm's length, I do think that's nuts," he said. "You put the label after your name, be proud of it."

Yet again, the Democratic Party proves that they are crumbling. The head of their party is calling his own members “nuts” for not being loyal to their party. The candidates however realize that by remaining loyal to their party, they cannot win an election. They do not believe in the policies they voted for, and are scampering to sweep their track record under the rug. If the candidate does not believe in his own policies, how can the general public?

VA GOP Caucus says thank you Tim Kaine for asking the Democrats to embrace their faltering party. The Democrats should let the people know how they voted, and why.

Oh, and PS…let Obama know that after he campaigns for Tom Perriello, if he could please, please, please go campaign for Glenn Nye and Rick Boucher too.

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