Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Senator Saslaw Urges Terry to Have Some Backbone

Today on the John Fredericks Show, Senator Dick Saslaw urged Terry McAuliffe to drop his excuse-making and debate Ken Cuccinelli. McAuliffe's reasons for declining a debate seem pretty shaky. Terry won't debate if he actually has to face Ken and answer his questions (SCARY!)

What has Terry's campaign come to, that the leader of the Democratic ticket is afraid to talk to his opponent? OR that, even worse, a senior senator in HIS OWN PARTY has to call and encourage him to stand by his record and fight? 

Honestly, looking at T-Mac's record, I don't blame him. I wouldn't want to stand by that many failures, underhanded deals, double-speak, and lack of experience either. BUT! Senator Saslaw has the point here. Even if it is a pile of dung, you should stand by it as your pile of dung. 

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