Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wouldn't You Know it...We Were Right

All across the nation, good little blue states are hanging their healthcare exchanges by the mantle with care, in the hopes that Saint Obamacare will soon be near. But in California, they recently discovered that Obamacare will do the exact opposite of its purpose. Premiums could go up as much as 150 percent there.

That is just the beginning, boys and girls. 

Last week a new state's prospective figures came to light. Ohio's compliance with the Affordable Care Act will push a bill on state taxpayers for another 88% on top of existing rates. Avik Roy of Forbes posted this little gem to YouTube a few months ago. Remember when? 

Virginia and the rest of the nation are attached to this proverbial runaway train, and this completely predictable predicament is the exact spot that ACA critics predicted that we would be in. What an absolute shocker coming from a President whose record on carrying out promises is practically non-existent. 

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Citizen Tom said...

That's great! You all predicted it. Now when are the Republicans in the House going to stop funding it. And can we trust Virginia Republicans not to join Obamacare?