Friday, June 14, 2013

Maryland's Road to Recovery Runs South

The tales of the states that rim the District have been dramatic the past few years. Both states' governors being national models as well as leaders of their respective governors' associations. It just happens that the two states are competing with polarized opposite ideologies.

Our two states are some of the most politically relevant in the nation. The nation is watching us, and what they're seeing is clear, and for Maryland, disheartening. Have a look at the fruits of Martin O'Malley's policies. This video features Larry Hogan, leader of Change Maryland, a citizen group working to lower taxes and rein in spending.

A quick synopsis, Maryland's broad tax increases continue to push many wealthy Marylanders and Maryland businesses South across the Potomac into the loving, low-tax embrace of the Commonwealth. This is nothing new. Reports on this trend are plentiful and have been around for a while. Martin O'Malley is one of the most prominent Democrats in America, and a possible 2016 Presidential candidate. Terry McAuliffe is the former DNC chair and Clinton major domo. Is this the kind of "economic recovery" that Dems have in mind for Virginia?

Common-sense solutions, and a more liberated environment for businesses to grow is the better choice here. That is not an opinion, it is a fact; whether Terry McAuliffe wants to admit it or not. Bringing the Democratic model here would undo all of the good work that has made Virginia the go-to place to start or bring a business. T-Mac is an entrepeneur himself...

I wonder how 'ole Terry would like O'Malley's Maryland as a businessman rather than a politician. The Governor and he share a party and an ideology. He's already slammed the Commonwealth for not pandering to him enough, for not providing the kind of tax breaks and free incentives that he wanted when he passed us up at GreenTech. Why not plant a business in Maryland as a boon to your Democrat colleague?

Oh, excuse me, I'm Terry-bly sorry. I suppose quashing businesses and the middle class under unreasonable taxes and regulations  is only the right choice when it isn't your own company. (Though, there are some facts that don't add up on that front either)

VA GOP Caucus

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