Thursday, June 13, 2013

McAuliffe: "Shame on Virginia"[for not pandering to him enough]

Please watch this video, in which Terry must answer for his overblown record and his false excuses. That is how much Terry McAuliffe really cares about Virginia. You will notice him saying "We don't bid on big car plants here", and "Shame on us" (he says he is one of us when it suits him). This is the PolitiFact article that rules him a liar. 

You will notice that he talks about hard hit Southside Virginia as if he cares about it, citing high unemployment in Martinsville and Danville. THE SAME PLACES THAT HE WAS SCHEDULED TO TOUR IN OCTOBER OF 2009. The day before he was to tour those two sites, Greentech announced that they would simply move the plant to Mississippi. They were more amenable to Terry's EB-5 hopes and dreams down there. EB-5 is basically a buy-your-citizenship program based on foreign investments in American ventures.

Tell me, Terry. If you care so much about us Virginians, then why did you try to sell us on a business that: sells citizenships to the highest bidder, has been called an out-and-out 'fraud' by economistsAND THEN DON'T EVEN BRING THE PALTRY FRACTION OF WHAT YOU ACTUALLY ACHIEVED HERE TO HELP VIRGINIANS?

Actually, we may have lucked out when GreenTech and Terry McAuliffe flipped Virginia the bird. The company is embroiled in a lot of controversy over whether it is even an actual business at all rather than a citizenship-mill that belches foreign money into pet politics. He promised 5,000 jobs in the video (around 0:10). GreenTech's actual employees are fewer than 3 percent of that number.

Politics is often billed as the nasty practice of bringing a candidate's dirty laundry to the light. Terry McAuliffe doesn't even try to hide his. He has made it very clear that love of money overcomes love of home (and he doesn't even consider Virginia his real home, according to his book) in the mind of Terry McAuliffe.

This Federal snake-oil-salesman is trying to play you, and all Virginians for that matter, for chumps! Right out in the open air! 

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