Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Terry is either Scared or Being Badly Misled

Terry McAuliffe, the Washington Post reports, has too much on his plate to debate his opponent. McAuliffe refuses to debate in the established format of the Virginia Bar Association, which stipulates that opponents can directly address one another. He won't even co-ordinate with his staff about it. He doesn't want the AG to have the chance to question him directly.

See, when you're just an influence-peddler, the DNC doesn't have to teach you how to defend your views or analyze issues. 

McAuliffe has often gone on record as saying that debates are not on his priority list. Challenged to fifteen, Terry has only agreed to participate in five, and before even the first one he is already belly-aching. No surprise. He has really only complained that he has to find ways to deal with the issues facing us, here.

Without a plan, I can see why he may be a little reticent to be questioned by one of the most dynamic Attorneys General in the nation.  I guess Terry just wants Virginia Dems to go out, excite unreasonable and fabricated fear, and just hope he can somehow scare Virginians into not thinking. That could be Terry's own problem, though.

Why spit on a chance to get your "plan" out there? Could it be fear? stupidity? well...

McAuliffe cited that he has too many big issues on his plate on a daily basis to waste his time informing the public what his thoughts might be. He did cite some real-life issues, Medicaid expansion and federal sequestration. Those would be great places to put a plank in your platform, which right now looks more like an empty frame where a platform may one day go.  He seems to have a hard time trying to produce defensible ideas on how to help Virginia. Not surprising, since he really couldn't care less about the place. 

He didn't even have time to stop and think. "If I want to get all of these ideas out there, I should probably do it in the universally accepted way that candidates do that...."

You know, like a Debate maybe.

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Constitutional.Reset said...

McAuliffe does not want to get his but kicked before
1) a neutral or unfriendly crowd or
2) a neutral or unfriendly moderator.
That man, McAuliffe, is a weak dissembler and equivocator ( child of the lie) who will inevitably step on his own tongue and trip unless his appearance is entirely staged and controlled by his handlers.