Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is McAuliffe Just Taking Clinton's Credit?

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A recent Watchdog article has found yet another hole in Terry McAuliffe's narrative about his "business experience"(which already makes swiss cheese look seaworthy). The article is essentially an in-depth fact check of just what occurred to bring about GreenTech Automotive, McAuliffe's failed green car company. What they find is a predictably murky and ethically-dubious mess.

GreenTech is a transplant of an original Chinese company Hybrid Kinetic Automotive Holdings. Terry would rather buy a business than build one, I suppose. The company was the brainchild of a successful Chinese businessman, and to grease the wheels, Terry and his friends hired famous Dem lobbyist John O'Hanlon to help them find special investors and keep pesky oversight and regulation out of their the tune of a quarter million dollars per year for O'Hanlon. I say special, because, as we have covered extensively, these investors are wealthy foreign nationals that are basically buying their visas with a check to the company.

There seems to be a lot of connection between Terry's rise at GreenTech and a speech by Bill Clinton at a company-sponsored forum in China. Clinton was paid $300k for the speech, and after that...Over 80,000 foreign dollars flowed into McAuliffe's failed 2009 bid for Governor from Hybrid Kinetic and its officials. With their EB-5 friends in order, and O'Hanlon's political witch-doctory on board, the group  moved forward to create a "Super EB-5 Program".

This is where the story gets cloudy. Terry has again and again claimed that he was present for the birth of GreenTech in 2006. But he appears nowhere in the company's documents until 2010, when he was brought on to serve as chairman. That's almost four complete years that are missing from Terry's story.

Let's not forget, he even forgot that he quit! GreenTech took five extra months to quietly admit that McAuliffe had resigned, even though he had been using his "experience" with the company as evidence on the campaign trail. Strange, since there's no evidence of GreenTech producing even a fraction of what he claims and has repeatedly had to recant or manipulate his words to get out of hot water.

Now we find out that his involvement with this "business" was just a perk for farming former President Clinton out for a speech?  Is anything this guy says trustworthy? 

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