Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Darth Morrissey Finds Your Lack of Faith...Disturbing

A Statement from the Virginia House Democratic Caucus on the victory of Rosalyn Dance

“Rosalyn Dance has worked hard for the Democratic Caucus and for the people of the 63rd district,” said Democratic House Caucus Leader David Toscano. “I look forward to serving with her for many years to come.” 
A cordial, if regurgitated response to Dance's victory in the primary that members of her own party forced her to fight. But even after her victory, Dance is still dueling the would-be Democratic Enforcer of the Virginia House. 

Cue the Imperial March, as Joe Morrissey continues his reign of terror over House Democrats. A recent letter to Delegate Roslyn Dance shows a behind-the-scenes battle to keep all House Dems toeing the party line like good, quiet little storm troopers.
Darth Morrissey is not amused.

In the letter, Morrissey practically threatens Dance, citing slim primary losses in her home-town and precinct; more than hinting that Dance would not be so difficult to replace (though his attempts to replace her seem to have fizzled).

The partisan shaming does not stop there. Dance's reward for reaching across the aisle on the Senate's re-districting plan, a "Republican take-over of our school system" (really didn't get the memo for that one), and scrutinizing medicare expansion, was the wrath of Morrissey. This comes as little surprise, Joe has been campaigning against Dance, and slobbering at the thought of Henry Marsh's Senate seat from the beginning. Morrissey also promised that the good Senator Marsh would be penning "an even stronger epistle" of pain to Delegate Dance. Has the Dem primary uncovered dissension within the ranks?

Now that the truth is out on the astronomical cost of Obamacare, in the middle of a Dem-centered firestorm of gaffes and scandals, House Democrats now have the same perfectly reasonable doubts about hardcore progressivism that we do. They feel pressure from their constituents to represent them without piece-meal politics. The cracks beneath the surface are starting to rise, and Morrissey sees himself as the hard-line Democratic establishment in the House, and he is out to make an example out of this waverer in his own party.

It is not a frequent occurrence to see any incumbent actually fabricate a race for another incumbent and then actively campaign against them. This seems to be exactly the type of "hold the line, or else" attitude that Dems love to pin on Republicans, but an out and out threat (and after actually campaigning against her) is a clear sign that all is not well in the Blue camp.

VA GOP Caucus

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